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Welcome to NYS 4-H at the Bronfenbrenner Center for Translational Research (BCTR)

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4-H Youth explore the environment through Disney Kids and Nature Grant

NYS 4-H Disney-Funded Kids and Nature Grant Outcomes

Five states participated in a Disney-funded grant that sponsored 4-H Exploring your Environment programs this summer.  New York State had the largest program of the five pilot States and all signs point to our engagement as being a tremendous success! 

Some opportunities that were made possible by the Disney grant include the following:

  • 4-H Camp Bristol Hills: Youth participated in activity focused on Energy Awareness. Learning about renewable energy, youth used the 4-H Energy Lab to collect enough solar energy to create a solar smoothie.
  • 4-H Camp Wyomoco – Disney Worldwide Conservation Camp: Through outdoor activities that helped develop lifelong habits in conservation, youth explored nature first-hand through a tailored issue area, including environmental, marine, or conservation focuses.
  • New York City Exploring your Environment Program: Urban youth had the opportunity to connect with their natural local environment, through exploration and hands-on science learning in urban green spaces.
  • NYC 4-H Career Exploration: 8 teens received scholarships to attend the Career Exploration conference at Cornell University. The conference allowed students to explore careers in areas such as Environmental Engineering, Waste to Energy, Natural Resources, Computer Science, Entomology and Landscape
  • Stewardship-Fall Bulb Planting: 1000 free tulip bulbs were distributed by 4-H to youth organizations citywide for fall planting.
  • Teen Leader Training: High school club teen leaders participated in leadership development training. Using a skill-a-thon format, teens were introduced to the “Rocket Away” science experiment, communications, etc.
  • Stewardship-Million Trees Field Trip: Teens worked to clear the park of invasive species such as the Japanese Maple, phragmites and other invasive plants.
  • 4-H Science Day Event: Several public schools will participate in this event, where the theme “Rockets Away” combines rocketry with an environmental twist, using rockets as a food source delivery system for a storm havocked island.
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