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Welcome to NYS 4-H at the Bronfenbrenner Center for Translational Research (BCTR)
Inclusivity and Best Practices in 4-H Youth Development
New York State 4-H is dedicated to ensuring that 4-H youth, volunteers, and staff are representative of the diverse population of our state. Considering that Latino youth already compose 50% or more of the school-age population in many states, it is imperative that 4-H increase its capacity and understanding of this diverse population.  National 4-H has established a National 4-H Hispanic Outreach committee to address this issue specifically and Cornell University Cooperative Extension New York City staff members Eduardo Gonzalez Jr., and Lucinda Randolph-Benjamin are both representing New York State on that committee
Although there are challenges, we embrace this initiative (which has also risen to the top of the agenda for 4-H nationally) as a growth opportunity for our program.  It is clear that if 4-H is to continue its history of preparing youth to reach their full potential and contribute to our nation’s prosperity, the terms “welcoming,” “inclusive,” and “generous,” need to be a part of the 4-H brand.  The importance of building system capacity, reaching the untapped urban, rural, and multicultural audiences with 4-H programming – and the opportunity it represents – cannot be overstated.
To assist this effort, the State 4-H Office is organizing a 2-day introductory training and strategy session in September 2015, for a cohort of ten to fifteen 4-H Educators from across the NYS CCE system.  The details of this unique professional development opportunity are still taking form but read here to learn more…​
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