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4-H Support for Military Youth and Families
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4-H Support for Military Youth and Families

4-H supports military youth and families in many ways

Since 1995, 4-H National Headquarters has worked in partnership with U.S. Army Child, Youth, and School Services (CYSS), Air Force Family Member Programs (FMP) and, beginning in 2007,  Navy Child and Youth Programs (CYP) to extend 4-H to U.S. Military Families worldwide. With support of 4-H professionals, military staff and volunteers provide quality developmental programs for children in safe and nurturing environments so that military men and women can pursue their critical, high risk assignments. 

4-H clubs provide "a slice of home" for military youth worldwide through quality educational experiences using research-based curricula for youth ages 5 -19. Military youth can become involved in 4-H and continue their 4-H work wherever they move when their parents are transferred or deployed.

More recently, community programs to support National Guard, Reserve and Accessions Command families have been added.   For more information: 2010 NYS Military Clubs Annual Report  

To learn about upcoming OMK events, check out our calendar and website at: York 

Programs include:

State 4-H Military Liaisons

Each state has a 4-H Military Liaison to support the work with the Army, Air Force, and Navy to reach out to the National Guard and Reserve units. The Liaison assists county 4-H and installation staff, coordinates 4-H  military partnership efforts in the state, integrates military 4-H clubs into the statewide 4-H and Extension program, and collaborates with other  4-H Military Liaisons to support these efforts. The NYS Military Liaison is Stephanie Graf,

Operation: Military Kids

When National Guard and Reserve military parents living in civilian communities are mobilized, their children's lives are turned upside down! Many of their usual support systems may no longer be adequate. These "suddenly" military kids need to connect with other youth in similar situations.  Operation: Military Kids is the US Army's collaborative effort with America's commiunities to support the children and youth impacted by deployment.

Through a network of community partners, including State and County Cooperative Extension staff, community agencies, schools, and 4-H Club youth, Operation: Military Kids is reaching out to military youth ... Before, During and After their parents are deployed. This outreach effort is called Operation: Military Kids!  For more information about Operation: Military Kids in NYS go to: or contact: Barbara Kessler,

4-H/Army Youth Development Project
The NIFA and Army CYSS partnership brings together USDA’s expertise in youth development with the Army’s model youth programs. The 4-H/Army Youth Development Project helps 4-H and Extension impact new audiences while meeting the Army CYSS mission of providing predictable, consistent youth programs on installations worldwide.

U.S. Air Force Family Member Programs
The U.S. Air Force and Extension have been partners since 1995 on several projects. 4-H and the Air Force Family Member Programs are working together to establish and increase 4-H programs on Air Force bases. Partnerships are being established at the local level, and FMP staff worldwide have attended “4-H 101” training.

4-H/Navy Youth Development Project
In July, 2007, NIFA signed an agreement with the U.S. Navy Child and Youth Programs (CYP) to initiate the 4-H/USN 4-H Youth Development Project. Like the existing 4-H Army and Air Force partnerships, this project is a collaboration of  National 4-H Headquarters, 4-H faculty of Land Grant Universities and Navy CYP staff.  4-H Youth Development professionals will take assignments at Navy locations to provide training and technical assistance for Navy staff and to support the establishment of 4-H Clubs on Navy bases worldwide. The Navy will join Army, Air Force, and 4-H National Headquarters in providing Military 4-H Club Grants to State 4-H programs.

New York State 4-H Military Clubs

All Army, Air Force, and Navy installations are required by the Department of Defense to host at least one 4-H project club on installation in order to meet the needs of military youth when they move from installation to installation.  There are currently seven 4-H Military Clubs in NY, two at Fort Drum (Jefferson County), two at Fort Hamilton (Brooklyn), and three at the United States Military Academy at West Point (Orange County).   The NYS 4-H Military Clubs Coordinator is currently working to establish seven new 4-H Military Clubs across the state.  These clubs will be created at National Guard Installations, the Army Strong Community Center, and schools.  If you are interested in learning more about the 4-H Military Club program or would like to start a club, please contact Tom Wojcikowski, 4-H Military Club Coordinator, at 315-788-8450 x272 or email him at