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4-H Afterschool
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4-H Afterschool

What is 4-H Afterschool?

4-H Afterschool is responding to a critical need nationwide. Fifteen million kids are home alone after school. Research shows that latchkey youth are at a higher risk for violent crimes, subsance abuse, antisocial behavior, poor academic performance, and dropping out of school.  4-H Afterschool programming is a positive opportunity for such students to gain the life skills they need to become successful adults.  Though the program means different things to its stakeholders, it is clear that everyone involved stands to benefit from 4-H afterschool. 

For young people 4-H Afterschool provides opportunities to participate in fun, exciting programs while developing valuable skills with lifelong benefits.

For parents and family members
4-H Afterschool creates safe, healthy, enriching environments that enhance young people’s social, emotional, physical, and academic success.

For volunteers
4-H Afterschool offers an opportunity to share a special skill with young people.

For youth-serving organizations  
4-H Afterschool offers extensive resources to help train staff, implement sound youth development practices, create new after-school programs, and strengthen existing programs.

For communities
4-H Afterschool supports programs in many shapes and sizes, depending on the needs and interests of the local community, youth and adults involved.

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